About Us

Helping Black Moms Thrive

Moms usually take care of everyone and everything else before we take care of ourselves. Our aim at Nour!shment is to get you to turn that model on its head.

We want you to prioritize your care so that you can show up better for your family, on your job, building your empire, nurturing your relationships, and in everything else that you do so that you can enjoy a rich, blissful life.

Nour!shment is a wellness brand focused on closing the gap between what you say you’re going to do to improve and what you actually perform. We take knowledge and make it kinetic, so that you can push past your potential, use your power, and live in the abundant purpose you were promised.

Why You’ll Love Us:

  • Our focus is on resilience
  • Our care is trauma informed
  • Our methodology is data driven
  • Our approach is holistic
  • We foster community.
  • We care & listen
  • We collaborate
  • We are goal oriented
  • We curate safe spaces
  • We share knowledge

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Photo by VBS (Venita Bell Shaw) Photography

“A Must Have”

Informative, a must have in every community! Health is wealth.

F’Lisa B.

“Pep In My Step”

Nour!shment has awakened what life has put to sleep. Time to get stepping, pep it up.

Mary P

“Life Saving”

You are saving my life!

Nick W.